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its back…

a bbbblllog is back. if you are looking for my old java, hibernate, mysql, and general hackery posts. i’ll work on importing them again. if they are still useful. previous reason: dealing with 2k+ spam comments a day was annoying.

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JSF: SelectItem referencing an object -> “Conversion error occurred”

Maybe I’m hitting another JSF quirk… but I have yet to see an example using this method: Lets say I have a drop down list: <h :selectOneMenu id=”hardwareTypeItem” value=”#{Model.hardwareTypeItem}”> <f :selectItems value=”#{Item.hardwareTypeItems}”></f> </h> this is my Item.hardwareTypeItems: List items = … Continue reading

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JSF: Solution for managed beans being called twice?

I”m playing around with JSF and a *small* web app but I have noticed managed bean’s methods are getting called twice. This present a problem when trying to build a select menu drop down collection list of superset values. This … Continue reading

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A Hibernate Project in Production – Adobe Studio

I just completed a redesign project for my former colleagues at Adobe – Adobe Studio. This was my first large project running Hibernate, xhtml/css(kudos to Bill @ Scott Design, Inc for the front-end masterpiece), and Apache Digester. Digester rocks!, the … Continue reading

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