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Firefox Mobile (Fennec) Greasemonkey Compiler

Friday is code day… So after issuing an update to FireVortex, I spent a few minutes uploading the very simple Greasemonkey Compiler for Firefox Mobile. (see previous post) The only changes I made over the version by Arantius was appending … Continue reading

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Greasemonkey for Fennec (aka Firefox Mobile)

Ported Greasemonkey to Fennec – aka Firefox Mobile – Took the compiler version and had to change just a few small things. (no app-content container). Some simple screenshots This won’t be my Firefox Mobile Challenge entry but a step towards … Continue reading

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Greasemonkey script for vwvortex

Playing around with Greasemonkey, the one place which needs a lot of help is the VWvortex forums…  I have begun modifying the forums with a few initial scripts, seems a bit nicer. Full details here for now: http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=3046153

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