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Firefox Mobile (Fennec) Greasemonkey Compiler

Friday is code day… So after issuing an update to FireVortex, I spent a few minutes uploading the very simple Greasemonkey Compiler for Firefox Mobile. (see previous post) The only changes I made over the version by Arantius was appending … Continue reading

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Observing Cookie changes in Firefox Extensions

Preferences MDC has an example for setting a “nsPref:changed” observer but I needed to watch some cookies as well for FireVortex. I was unable to find a clear cut example so a slight modification and it seems to work: function … Continue reading

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Removing Cookies in Firefox Extensions

Removing a cookie from an extension… IS: Components.classes["@mozilla.org/cookiemanager;1"] .getService(Components.interfaces.nsICookieManager) .remove(“forums.vwvortex.com”, “firevortexfavforums”, “/”, false); INSTEAD OF: cookieSvc.setCookieString(uri, null, “firevortexfavforums=; domain=forums.vwvortex.com; expires=Thu Jan 01 1970 00:00:01 GMT-0700; path=/”, null);

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[beta] FireVortex for FF3.1b2

I have posted a test extension for Firefox 3.1b2, please see the VWVortex Thread (first post) for download details. -updated all xpath for gecko1.9 dom changes (case sensitive now? or maybe zeroforum html code) -started to change around the greasemonkey … Continue reading

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FireNICO Is Now Available

Awhile back I had a simple fork of FireVortex running on honda-tech.com (no longer on zeroforum) and nicoclub.com forums. I had forgotten (well maybe no one was using them) but it turns out it I was wrong… so updated for … Continue reading

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