The virus Scour search engine overload – inadvertently benefiting

So for the last 2 days – the demo site I have setup for BuddyPress has seen an unreal increase in traffic. I thought cool, new WordPress 3.1/BP1.2.8 was just released – maybe folks are googling on info. But not at the tune of 80k+ hits a day.

Turns out all the traffic is to one page:

Odd, so “scouring” my logs – I noticed they all contain the same referrer:<!search_terms>/abc1

Huh, odd again. Obviously, my page (which is a do_action/filter api for BuddyPress) contains displayed php code with “search_term” and is picked up by shady Scour’s search engine.

So a quick Google search on Scour leads to numerous results about Scour being a virus search engine redirect. I guess the “<!search_terms>” is the internal param the virus uses to pass the captured search query.

So, how am I inadvertently benefiting? Well Google Adsense is up $30-40/per day now and all via clicks. Shady Scour.

I really hate being associated with that – I’ll need to block some time this evening and redirect all those incoming referrers.

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