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BuddyPress hack: remove new member registration from activity stream

Since it was asked (and on the forums). Mute new member activity stream registration (aka, don’t announce your spammers) add to whatever bp-custom.php or theme functions php and define the filtered bp_has_activities() types Then in your favorite theme (i’m … Continue reading

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BuddyPress hack: disable activity stream comments/favorites for certain types

Want to keep the noise ratio down on activity stream commenting? Besides the built-in Disable activity stream commenting on blog and forum posts?: I don’t see a way to implement additional filters on bp_activity_can_comment() nor is there one setup for … Continue reading

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BuddyPress Sitemap Generator plugin

Download from WordPress Plugin Repo: BuddyPress Sitemap Generator Based upon GoogleSitemapGenerator by Arne at – BuddyPress Sitemap Generator creates a sitemapindex and child maps for each BuddyPress main component. Sitemap files: overall activity member listing member listing -> groups … Continue reading

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Forcing BuddyPress to utilize user_nicename for member urls and mentions

For an upcoming project that will be utilizing BuddyPress 1.2 – I hit a snag with the user_login and member slugs. Importantly the column user_login may contain an @ symbol or other special characters. Since my user registration is via … Continue reading

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Mentioned on BuddyPress Major Contributors list

Guess I enjoy finding bugs:, thanks!

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FireNICO v1.2.2 for Firefox 3.6 is up

Sorry, I forgot about the “other” extension Download Now – FireNICO v1.2.2 for Firefox 3.5 to 3.6 See the changelog

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Adblock Plus and NICOclub Forums

I recommend installing Adblock Plus and add the following subscription list: How to add an Adblock Plus Filter Subscription: Open ADP Options (Tools > Add-Ons > Adblock Plus > Options or right click on ADP status icon > Preferences) Filters … Continue reading

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