Firefox Mobile (Fennec) Greasemonkey Compiler

Friday is code day… So after issuing an update to FireVortex, I spent a few minutes uploading the very simple Greasemonkey Compiler for Firefox Mobile. (see previous post)

The only changes I made over the version by Arantius was appending to the browsers container vs appcontent; updating the em:id target; and default version numbering. I tested out a few random userscripts and it seems everything works well on both the desktop Windows and Linux versions of Firefox Mobile. (I do not own a N900) – installing the extension is another thing. But I can already see a nice need for changing up styles to suite a smaller layout.

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  2. Bec says:

    Works great & thanks a lot for taking your time to do this for us :)

    Here’s what I tried:

    Unfortunately N900 kept opening it with MicroB so I had to upload it on Mozilla:

    I wish I knew how to link video content to the built-in media player via a script, but this kinda does it too since I can start the video before it downloads with mplayer.

    Thanks again.

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