FireVortex v1.7.3 for Firefox 3.5 is up

*note… twitter bots are bad. (just tweeted and server was slammed with bots)

Download NowFireVortex v1.7.3 for Firefox 3.5 is now Available… did not have enough time to incorporate all the features on my list, so a few updates over the next month is to be expected.

Also, installed bbPress for a FireVortex Support Forums which includes an auto-registration feature built-in to FireVortex. bbPress needs more tweaking but RC3 seems solid. a support forums for an extension that fixes another forum, i’m confused too.

…and working on a new site template. almost done but a lot more programming left for new site features.

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  1. rich says:

    Sent you an email outlining a few steps.

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