Adblock Plus and VWvortex Forums third party tracking

FireVortex runs on Greasemonkey which kicks in after the page has loaded. VWvortex forums (and VMG sister forums) use a number of third party tracking sites. Unfortunately (like today) those sites go down and cause a delay before FireVortex starts.

I recommend installing Adblock Plus and add the following URLs to the filter:


I have created a simple filter subscription list which will ONLY block the third-party tracking urls used on the forums (no ads). The filter subscription rules are restricted to the VMG forum domains. I make no guarantee and this may cause other javascript errors to appear in the console. Some of the third-party sites do not use try/catch blocks – prtracker()

How to add an Adblock Plus Filter Subscription:
Open ADP Options (Tools > Add-Ons > Adblock Plus > Options or right click on ADP status icon > Preferences)
Filters > Add filter subscription
Add a different subscription
Enter a title and this url:

This will bring FireVortex back up to speed and should improve the the overall experience. (especially PMs not poppping up)

**edit – 5 Aug, 2009 – updated list
**edit – 1 Sep, 2009 – added filter subscription list
**edit – 28 Oct, 2009 – updated list
**edit – 20 Jan, 2010 – updated list

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