Hurricane Frances… the aftermath

Well we are back and almost at 100% operational…

Well everyone out there has probably seen the pictures, heard of the gas shortages, no ice, no water… long lines at distribution centers. Yes it is that bad. Unfortunately some people have reached the breaking point. We witness too many accidents involving motorists who do not respect the 4 way stop rule.

In the end, Frances took 4 trees, 1 gazebo, 1 leaky roof, and a yard covered in branches. Not bad but could be worse. I’m lucky to live in a great community, folks started cleaning up on Sunday even in 50mph wind gust and rain. Neighbors that had generators offered ice and amenities to others – frankly it is nice getting to know everyone in the area. We planned ahead and had everything prepared with plenty of ice, water, and food. (Costco rocks).

I’m unable to describe the storm, this was my first hurricane. The hours it took for Frances to pass was crazy. Besides cabin fever, you are stuck inside listening 8-10 hours of high winds, trees snapping or hitting your shutters. I couldn”t sleep all night, I was glued to the TV(until 10ish on saturday), the weather radio, and radio with tv stations broadcasting. Down here in Delray we missed the eye,  but instead we got stuck in the eye wall. I’ll take a fast moving Category 3/4 over a slow moving Category 2 hurricane ;-)

maybe more fun this weekend with Hurricane Ivan. :(

Hurricane Frances

Hurricane Frances

Hurricane Frances

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