2 week-er syndrome (t-minus 11 days)

T-minus 11 days until my last day at Adobe Systems, Inc. This was the hardest decision that I have ever made – only because working at Adobe was the best experience (it was fun and challenging, “work” seems like a bland description – To my good friend William West – my futon and office is all yours.) and this will be a very sad day to come. I worked with so many great people in an environment which promotes creativity in every corner and was allowed expressive freedom with my capabilities. Most co-workers have called me crazy for leaving such a great job in our *down* economy. But family is first and with them positioned on the opposite coast – constantly flying back and forth has begun to take a toll… it has become increasingly difficult telling myself that work is more important to stay in California.

In the past 6 weeks – I have done nothing but document, document, and document…. hard to realize how many programs and solutions one person can create over their tenure.

But… all is well. I have a project to pick-up soon as my transition to the east coast is completed – first a road trip across country.

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